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Just released! "Jephthah's Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family 'Equality'"

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

This month six adult children from same sex households are submitting an amicus brief to the Supreme Court opposing same sex marriage. Two of them — Robert Oscar Lopez and Rivka Edelman — have co-authored/edited a just released book which explores the fallout from the social experimentation we are all living through. Please click here and “look inside” the text of Jephthah’s Daughters at Amazon. I hope you decide to buy a copy.

The book is a rich anthology of articles and testimonials that describe experiences not discussed in the media. According to Lopez, “We can help the reader understand why something viewed by so many as beneficial was actually harmful to so many more.”

I am honored to be a contributor, having written the introduction to the chapters on society and the globe. There are six sections in the book. The first, “Children,” explores the experiences of children who are separated from at least one natural parent. This can happen in many different ways, but children of same sex households are separated from a parent by design. Alana Newman who blogs at was donor-conceived and wrote the introduction to this section.

Section II “Women,” focuses on the effects of artificial reproductive technologies on the health and the lives and psyches of women. The introduction was written by Jennifer Lahl, founder and president of the Center for Bioethics and Culture.

Section III “Society,” reviews the whole Pandora’s box that same sex marriage is unleashing against healthy human relationships, against children, and against freedom. Some of the vehicles are transgenderism, polygamy, incest, and sex education as a means of state control of children. Section IV, “Globe,” discusses the emergence of the LGBT ideology throughout the world and what the growing commodifying of children means for human freedom (hint: a form of bondage, a form of slavery.) Yours truly wrote the introduction, and I suppose the bottom line I can’t escape is that this movement is putting us on the fast track to centralized power, and probably on a global scale. In many ways, it’s a central planner’s dream come true.

Section V, entitled “Gays” includes reflections by those whom the LGBT movement claims to help, but does not. Jean-Pier Delaume-Myard notes in his introduction that the LGBT agenda actually leads to inequality for gays, not equality.

Section VI, “Bards” explores the McCarthyism of the LGBT agenda — in the arts, the media, academia and throughout society. Its introduction is written by Michelle Shocked, a world-renowned singer-songwriter twice nominated for Grammy awards. She asks: “How did a crusader for children’s rights become the target of a smear campaign? Answer: The same way a champion for artists rights did. By identifying the nexus of non-existent nonsense that is much easier to attach ad hominem to than the question at hand.”

This is an extremely important book with perspectives that have been overlooked — and, in fact, blocked — throughout the entire debate on marriage. Bobby Lopez founded the International Children’s Rights Institute because, at root, his fight is really about the rights of children. Children have the right to know their origins. And nobody has the right to turn them into commodities.

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