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Communism is Slavery -- Let's say it loudly and often

I’ve been puzzled that we don’t hear more about the sameness of communism and slavery. As America races towards communism, few understand what that word means. But even schoolchildren know what slavery means. Therefore, it is crucial to remind people that communism is slavery.

For more, see my recent article at The Federalist:  Socialism and Communism are Just Weasel Words for Slavery.


In brief, socialism, communism, and Marxism are words that refer to systems in which an elite clique of oligarchs has total control over a population of individuals. So how is communism really any different from chattel slavery? It isn’t. They are both essentially master-slave relationships. If you consider how communist regimes always insists on controlling speech, depriving people of property rights, disrespecting the rule of law, and invading private life, there's really no difference.

All of the above contribute to the social isolation that allows tyranny to thrive. 

I’ve often cited Hannah Arendt’s classic book The Origins of Totalitarianism to illustrate that social isolation is key to tyranny and social control of a population. 

Any talk of "justice" is just a cover story for instituting the slavery that is communism. There is no privacy or private ownership in communist tyrannies.  Everyone becomes dependent upon the government which is always run by a small clique of power-obsessed elites.  Once people become dependent on that force for food, shelter, a livelihood, and access to any goods or services, then they are controllable.  Then their behavior – and their personal relationships -- can be as controlled as a slave's. 

So let’s remind people that communism is slavery!  Every chance we get. 



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