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Too few people seem aware of how social isolation is used as a weapon to control them. They don't seem to grasp how easily the natural fear of ostracism -- along with the human need for connection -- can be manipulated to control their behavior, their speech, and even their thoughts. Such psychological manipulation is a recurring and stubborn pattern among human beings. I call this pattern the weaponization of loneliness.  It has even been used by governments to deprive entire populations of freedom. Yet too few seem aware of it and how it works.  


This is why I hope to see book clubs and discussion groups on the theme of the weaponization of loneliness.  We must start talking to one another about these pervasive social dynamics so that we can learn to detect them and gain the strength to resist them. And to spread the knowledge.


Tyrants know that the fear of being shunned or harassed for speaking openly causes people to shut up or even lie about what they believe. They know that this fear triggers the conformity and compliance that their propaganda and agendas depend upon. The irony is that mass compliance leads to the self-censorship and self-isolation that only gets us further isolated from each other. 


If we don't learn to break those habits soon, our isolation from one another will continue to grow until we lose our freedom. So let’s start book clubs and discussion groups on the thesis of The Weaponization of Loneliness to help spread awareness of these patterns, to build friendships, and to know that we are not alone.  Doing so can embolden us with the inner strength to resist.  It can help us us overcome the fear of speaking openly in a sea of lies. The good news is that as more and more people speak openly, we can move closer towards a revival of civil society and freedom.

To begin, go to Guide to Session 1

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