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Sam Sorbo and I talk about the weaponization of loneliness and its effect on children

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I was honored when Sam Sorbo asked to interview me about my book The Weaponization of Loneliness.  I met her at the ARC Conference in London last fall.  Sam is a gifted advocate of taking charge of your child’s education in this fallen world. She very admirably put her successful acting career on hold to homeschool her three children.

Children are especially susceptible to the harmful social pressures that are rampant in public schools. Sam and I talked about how those environments can be painfully isolating for children. There also seems to be a push towards cultivating ignorance since educrats are more focused on propaganda than on teaching facts of history, math, and English. So we need to acknowledge that the darkness of ignorance is also very isolating.

You can watch my interview with Sam here:

We covered a lot of ground, beginning with the history of Stalinism and how totalitarianism preys upon the human fear of being ostracized. Tyrants have always used this fear to control people, whether it’s a dictator like Stalin or Mao Zedong or a cult leader like Jim Jones.  When people feel the threat of being cast out of society – labelled a “non-person” as was common in Stalin's Soviet Union—they tend to fall in line with tyranny and tyrannical agendas.


I noted that censorship is a critical element of tyranny because when people can speak freely to one another, the propagandistic narrative has a much harder time sticking.  So the goal is to isolate us from one another, often by cultivating hostilities between groups of people. This process usually leads to a cult mindset and dependence upon the tyrant. That's what happens in Stockholm syndrome whereby the captive bonds with the captor because there is no one else to bond with.

Sam noted that it's possible we're being pre-conditioned to be susceptible to cult mindset. Indeed, one of the ways to condition people--especially youth who have become addicted to social media--is to have them identify with celebrity "influencers" like Taylor Swift. 

We also talked about the critical importance of training your children to have the inner strength to discern and resist such ploys, particularly the cult influence of gender ideology which preys upon the loneliness of kids who are subjected to school environments with horrendous socialization processes. Parents may think they're doing the right think by sending their children into the public school environment, but homeschooling is the most available route by which parents can give their children the sense of belonging that helps them resist the cult mindset.

I'm very proud to have Sam's endorsement of my book, especially for parents!


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