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My Interview with the Splendid Mercedes Schlapp

I recently had a great conversation with CPAC's superb host Mercedes Schlapp. We discussed The Weaponization of Loneliness and how tyranny always begins with isolation -- cutting you off from other people and ideas. Sadly, this is a constant pattern of tyranny, and yet too few understand how it works on us. We discussed the history of it and how the government practiced it during the Covid lockdowns and continues today with demonization and lawfare.

Mercedes also asked about the project of I explained that it serves as a clearinghouse of resources--books, articles, movie clips--to help spark friendly group discussions about the weaponization of loneliness and how to build counter-strategies against it.

You can access my 15-minute interview with her here:

Here's an excerpt from the write-up of the interview:

“Political censorship is designed to isolate us, get us to shut up about what we believe, or even lie about what we believe, and that creates even more isolation even though people think they’re getting relief from isolation by obeying this conformity impulse,” explained Morabito. “When you look at political correctness and the censorship industrial’s really an anti-thought, anti-friendship, anti-conversation process and when you isolate people it sort of creates a captor-hostage situation.” 


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