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Great Feedback from Some Book Clubs!

I’ve been getting some wonderful feedback from the book clubs. A member of a Stella’s Book Club (SBC) in Ohio wrote of their first meeting: “Wow, was it good!!” They began the session by sharing their experiences of isolation and confusion, especially due to the Covid lockdowns and propaganda.  Then followed an animated discussion about why cancel culture causes people to silence themselves and how that creates a dangerous spiral of silence. They exchanged ideas about how best to speak up and act in such circumstances.

A section of one of my disorganized bookshelves. -- © Stella Morabito

That Ohio group has members from all walks of life with many perspectives. All of them appreciated the chance to speak openly in a friendly setting about the weaponization of loneliness and how to break free of it. The leader writes to me that their guiding principle is to build courage in an age of deception. Excellent!


I’ve also gotten some great feedback from SBC groups in Virginia and Alabama.  It seems that everybody who joins or starts one of these discussion groups is doing so out of their need to break out of the weaponization of loneliness that’s resulted from decades of political correctness. And to connect with others who feel the same way.


Only by speaking openly to one another can we break the loneliness epidemic that has been plaguing us. A member from one of the Virginia groups writes that this is “the right book club for the times we are in now!” Another shared how liberating it feels to have a website set up with all of the resources necessary to start thoughtful discussions with others.

I really believe that the only way out of the social chaos we're living through is to come together in small groups in the private sphere of life to discuss these things, especially offline. Whether or not it's done in a book club, we need to have millions of conversations and build millions of new friendships. This is the best route to building the inner strength that preserves freedom.


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