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My Interview with Professor Lopez: Bolshevism and the LGBT Lobby

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In my recent interview with Professor Robert Oscar Lopez, we discuss parallels between the tactics and motives of the LGBT Lobby and the Bolsheviks in Russia a hundred years ago. Please listen by clicking here.

The modus operandi of the LGBT lobby and the Bolsheviks are strikingly similar. But that’s the case with every power-grabbing scheme. A hundred years ago the Bolsheviks pretended to be the champion of the “workers.” Likewise, today statists call themselves the champions of gays and transgenders. It’s basically the same dynamic. The LGBT Lobby serves ultimately to consolidate power in the hands of the elite few. So what else do these movements have in common?

  1. The abolition of the autonomous family as the ultimate goal.

  2. Propaganda tactics that rely heavily on smear campaigns and cultivate the fear of becoming a non-person.

  3. Conformity of expression through obedience to political correctness.

  4. Replacement of free exchange of commerce and ideas with ironclad regulations and censorship

  5. Nomenklatura -- an elite clique in power -- rules over all and directs a mammoth bureaucracy

  6. The takeover of the media at the outset in order to control the narrative and silent dissenters

That's just for starters.  And if the "Equality Act" is passed by Congress, you can bet that compliance will be enforced and dissent will be punished.  That's a censorship act window-dressed as non-discrimination.  It has nothing to do with protecting any minority demographic.  The minority demographic -- in this case gays, lesbians, transgenders -- are simply being used as pawns.  Their grievances are being used as a pretext to consolidate all power into the hands of an elite mob.  This is very much in keeping with the pattern of the Bolsheviks who cherry-picked winners and losers once they took on the mantle of "vanguard" -- or protector -- of the workers.  The Bolshevik mob never cared about the working class, except as a useful propaganda tool in their bid to grab power.  In the Soviet Union, those deemed "counter-revolutionary" would be labelled as "enemies of the people."  We see the same pattern today with the LGBT lobby.  And it will get much worse if the "Equality Act" goes into effect, giving the government the power to punish those it deems "anti-gay." So, at the end of the day, what have you got?  Answer:  a society ruled by elites, or a "nomenklatura."  Your currency is political connections that you "earn" through compliance with the mob.  That's how mammoth bureaucracies lock in power for their rulers.  Instead of a society based upon the free exchange of goods, services, and ideas, you end up with gatekeepers -- all up and down the bureaucratic ladder -- who make sure the only kind of currency in use is political compliance and connections. In this sort of power structure all totalitarian societies poison personal relationships.  They cultivate scarcity, which creates a nasty dog-eat-dog mentality.  They cultivate ignorance so that free thought is dimmed. It's a divide-and-conquer scheme in which people become separated as never before. As history has proven time and again in such cases, it is submission -- and not resistance -- that is truly futile.

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