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Human Dignity, Human Life, and The Human Life Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Forty years ago, aghast at the Roe Vs. Wade decision, James Patrick McFadden founded a journal called The Human Life Review. It’s a dynamic publication with writers from a wide array of backgrounds:

physicians, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, philosophers, journalists, academics, retirees, and many others from all walks of life. Today Jim McFadden’s daughter, Maria McFadden Maffucci is editor. Click here to read my interview with her, published today at The Federalist.

You’ve probably all noticed how abortion is becoming increasingly celebrated by forces in the culture who are so invested in it. Planned Parenthood is pushing a campaign for women to put their “abortion stories” in a happy light. The New York Times Magazine recently ran a story about abortion “doulas” or hand-holders for women getting abortions, basically to serve as accomplices for the procedure. (After that, of course, they’re out of the picture. The post-abortion women often turn to pro-life folks to help them heal emotionally and spiritually from the trauma.) There was a summer box office flop called “Obvious Child” that attempted to be a comedy that featured the abortion of the main character. Lately, there’s been no shortage of in-your-face “abortion is good” propaganda. The intent is for women to ingest it, buy it, and live with it so that Planned Parenthood can go about it’s multi-billion dollar abortion industry.

The above are just a very few items discussed in my interview with Maria. The Human Life Review deals with all issues related to human life and dignity, including assisted suicide, euthanasia, and eugenics. And the dark truth is that we are headed towards a future in which eugenics is more blatantly promoted and practiced. Here’s just one small excerpt that gives you an idea of how Jim McFadden expected it all to play out. As Obamacare pushes a culture of death on us all, we can see how Jim McFadden was prescient indeed:

Stella:  Is there any particular human life issue that you see as the biggest threat facing human dignity in the coming years?
Maria:  I would just say the biggest threat is what’s happening at end of life or with sudden disabling and not having life support offered. Obamacare and incentives for saving money are reaching a boiling point. How are you going to feel safe? My father was prescient about that, that a doctor would become either a “quality of life” doctor or a “sanctity-of-life” doctor. And there are going to be fewer and fewer sanctity-of-life doctors. If you are a sanctity-of-life doctor, who is going to back you up, hospital-wise, medicine-wise, insurance-wise?Please take a look at the interview. And also check out The Human Life Review online by clicking here.  You may want to consider subscribing because there's no other publication like it.  As a subscriber for over 25 years I can personally assure you of that.  You can follow Human Life Review on Twitter too!

Please take a look at the interview.And also check out The Human Life Review online by clicking here. You may want to consider subscribing because there’s no other publication like it. As a subscriber for over 25 years I can personally assure you of that. You can follow Human Life Review on Twitter too!

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