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When Mom says she's Dad and Dad says he's Mom

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

“We have the parts so we will use them.” That’s what Bianca Bowser told Yahoo News about his spouse Nick getting pregnant. Their two biological children, identified as sons named Kai, 3, and Pax, 1, share both Bianca and Nick’s DNA. That’s because Bianca’s sperm fertilized Nick’s egg. That would make Bianca the actual father and Nick the actual mother.

But wait! That information is classified! Or hate speech, or something. Right? No, this is the biological truth that Bianca and Nick as representatives of the transgender movement — and self-confessed publicity hounds for the cause — insist that we must reject. The agenda requires that the entire world reject this, which means that if it doesn’t apply to them, then it must not apply to you.

Neither Nick nor Bianca have undergone sex reassignment surgery, so their reproductive systems are still intact, though they each must take a lot of hormones to sustain their transgender appearances. They do plan to have surgery done, later on. You can read the whole thing here: “Transgender Parents Speak Out about What Makes a Family.”

I’m convinced that the transgender movement is at root a War on Language. I doubt that the ultimate goal of the movement — so driven by raw power — has much if anything to do with equality for transgender individuals. By forcing you to change your understanding of pronoun usage, the transgender project succeeds in undermining any common understanding of human identity, including your own identity as male or female. I refuse to get sucked into this rabbit hole. And I hope you agree.

However, I’m fine with name changes. If a man named Richard decides he wishes to be called Emily, I’ll defer and call him Emily. But if Emily then decides I must change the definition of pronouns to suit his self concept, that’s where I draw the line. Because in essence he’s asking everybody else to change their own perception of reality to suit his. This is how cults operate. The first thing a cult leader does is work to destabilize the recruits’ sense of self or self-concept in relation to the world. Indeed, the transgender movement has all the earmarks of a Cult.

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