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What is a Human? -- Part V

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

To answer to the question “What is a human?” for the purpose of this blog series, we need only refer to the simple and existential question of the child: “Where did I come from?”

A human being is a creature who is born out of the union of one male human being and one female human being. This is true for every man, woman or child who has ever been conceived, whether male, female, or ambiguous/intersex. Transgender persons may wish to deny this, but their own humanity is based in their origins of one male united with one female. Whether we know our biological parents or not, they are how we came into being. Whether it happens in a bed or a petri dish doesn’t matter.

A human being may present as the opposite sex or as a sexless being or both sexes or genders or as many as they imagine, but it doesn’t change the reality of their humanity. Nor anybody else’s.

The transgender activists’ idea that a person may identify as male or female regardless of biological sex is nothing new. There are plenty of famous cases in history and literature. The idea of androgyny — the male/female being — is an old concept that goes back to ancient times.

Here’s what’s new: The attempt to force onto everybody the transgender idea of human identity, and the push to codify it as quickly as possible into law under the guise of “non-discrimination.” The key phrase slipped into these laws is that our sex is merely “assigned” to us at birth. If we accept that premise, then we will certainly reach a point at which nobody can be legally identified as either male or female. Eventually, we all become “other” in the eyes of the state.

How are we supposed to understand our origins in this scheme? Answer: It looks like we’re not intended to understand our origins. Nor, ironically, are we supposed to chart our own destiny in this vacuum of ambiguity. It’s a destabilizing prospect, but that’s where we’re headed with this. The transgender movement has less to do with equal rights than it has to do with a war on language, aimed directly at destabilizing our sense of human identity.

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