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What is a Human? -- Part IV

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Contemplate this: a Slate article entitled “Don’t Let the Doctor Do this to Your Newborn.” According to the author, obstetricians all perform a “procedure” that is very harmful: Announcing whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Yes, that’s the “procedure.” Pointing out the obvious. It seems truth-telling is getting to be more of a crime with every passing day.

And you thought that your son or daughter was your son or daughter. The Slate piece tells you “Not so fast!” You have no right to call your newborn a son or daughter. Doing so is committing the offense of “infant gender assignment.” It’s deemed “harmful” to the transsgender population who say all children should decide on their own, usually as pre-schoolers. Anyway, here’s a short excerpt:

Obstetricians, doctors, and midwives commit this procedure on infants every single day, in every single country. In reality, this treatment is performed almost universally  without even asking for the parents' consent , making this practice all the more insidious. It's called infant gender assignment: When the doctor holds your child up to the harsh light of the delivery room, looks between its legs, and declares  his opinion: It's a boy or  a girl, based on nothing more than a cursory assessment of your offspring's genitals.

The article ends by stating "infant gender assignment" is like playing "Russian Roulette" with your child's life. You may have seen a related piece on this propaganda campaign in the story of Ryland Wittington, a girl being raised as a boy by her parents.  Ryland's parents are pretty much acting as an arm of the LGBT lobby. Click here for the manipulative Youtube video they produced about Ryland.  Also, click here for a compelling rebuttal to it:  "I am Ryland: The Story of a Male-Identifying Little Girl Who Didn't Transition." It's unsettling to me how many folks still underestimate the reach of the transgender lobby. Its tentacles are long, and it has huge implications for growing state power.  The insanity grows with articles like that one in Slate, essentially intended to engineer how each and every one of us sees ourselves. When a group demands that everybody -- particularly the 99+ percent who do not identify as transgender -- stop identifying any infant at all as either male or female, it's time to wake up.  Transgenderism is an assault on truth.  It requires us to deny the obvious, to deny biological reality.  For everybody. And it won't end there.

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