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What is a Human? -- Part II

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The New Yorker piece I discussed yesterday — “What is a Woman?” — has gotten quite a bit of attention. I noticed in my news feed that even Rush Limbaugh picked up on it during his show yesterday. You can read the transcript here, in which Limbaugh talks about what he calls “The Feminazis vs. the Transgenders.” Limbaugh confessed little understanding. (And, boy, he sure doesn’t get it.) The transcript reveals that the caller was likely a transgender activist. He seemed to use quite a bit of humor and ingratiating wile to promote the trans agenda and steer Limbaugh’s listeners into dismissing the radical feminists. (Rush should give rad fems equal time.)

So, what is the agenda of the transgender activists? On the surface, it’s supposed to be about non-discrimination. About allowing people to present to society whichever gender they say they are, and not suffer any negative consequences in employment, housing, business, or anything. But the underlying premise of transgender rights is that our sex is “assigned” to us at birth. This is key to understanding how it affects each and every one of us in law. The insidious term “assigned” has been sneaked into legislation as a given, and is not even up for debate. And so the trans agenda’s first order of business to shove their laws through and silence anyone who questions them. Which brings us to a thorn in their side — the rad fems.

What is the agenda of the Radical Feminists? Transgender activists have dubbed them: “Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists” and use the acronym “TERF” as a slur. (This is partly because rad fems believe women have a right to ban male-to-female transgenders from women-only facilities and venues, and refuse to use trans “preferred pronouns.”) Rad fems argue that being born male is a privilege and any man carries that privilege with him even if he “transitions” to female. The act of transitioning only accentuates gender, and perpetuates and promotes a patriarchal society, according to rad fems.

I will add one more important thing about the radical feminists. In my view, they’re doing a great service by lending their voice against the transgender push to transition and sterilize children based on a child’s perceived “gender identity dysphoria.” We all should be glad and grateful that they are speaking out against this barbaric practice.

The transgender route to power is strewn with evasion, deception, and dysfunction. It uses a lot of strong arm tactics (which we might even call patriarchal) of silencing all opponents, especially a vocal minority who stands for a much purer version of their purported agenda of equality. The trans agenda also has a lot of influence and huge sums of money behind its agenda, including the full support of the Obama Administration. Trans activists have pushed very hard through their window of opportunity which remains open only so long as enough people stay ignorant of their real aim: which is to redefine the humanity of us all.

To be continued . . .

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