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War on Free Speech is about to Get a Lot Worse

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Today I write in the Federalist about the next phase of the LGBT agenda: “LGBT Activists Arm for Further War on Free Speech.” Assuming the Supreme Court signs on to the notion of “marriage equality” in June, we can expect an all-out war against free expression that will come to us in the guise of anti-discrimination law.

There’s nothing new about the urge to accumulate and centralize power. It’s an ancient urge with its source in the sin of pride and it requires the old divide-and-conquer routine that involves restricting communication between people. People have been dealing with it – and accommodating it – for millennia. So it shouldn’t surprise us that those pushing hardest for the right to gag Americans are well-heeled hedge fund managers such as billionaire Paul Singer. Such things are always about more power for the powerful. In this case, LGBT rights serves as sheep’s clothing. The new PAC intended to get us herded together is called the American Unity Fund. And its intended campaign goes by the Orwellian name “Freedom for All Americans.”

The laws they propose would neutralize any voice of opposition to the LGBT agenda, which means the cultivation of groupthink, particularly within conservative and evangelical circles. The net effect of the forced marginalization of dissent will be much more aggressive policing of speech in the workplace, schools, businesses, and public squares across America. But it’s much bigger than the notion of gay rights. In the end, we get coercive thought reform and collectivism across the board in America. Much of this has already taken place in Canada, which legalized same sex marriage ten years ago.

I also commend to you two other related articles in today’s Federalist. Luma Simms writes brilliantly about the meaning of religious freedom and whether or not it can exist in a nation that has lost its moral moorings: “Can We Have Religious Liberty in Modern America?” And Robert Tracinski offers a warning to Ireland which is about to have a plebiscite on same sex marriage: “Ireland: Look to America’s Cautionary Tale on Gay Marriage.”

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