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"The Singing Revolution:" Freedom Through Song, Part V

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

The trailer below will give you hope. It’s all about how the Truth will out: through the ripple effect of people speaking freely to one another. When people develop trust in one another, when they have common bonds and can express that in real friendships, no oppressor can hold them back.

The documentary, The Singing Revolution tells an amazing story of the people of Estonia, a small Baltic nation that suffered under both Hitler and Stalin and survived the yoke of communism. The film tells how the Estonian people came together in a show of mass defiance against their Soviet overlords before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. They spontaneously met at an outdoor concert hall to sing forbidden hymns and national songs. Over 300,000 showed up and there was no shutting them up. Here’s a telling line: “Once you give free speech to people, then things get out of hand. The ghost gets out of the bottle.”

The Singing Revolution testifies that real freedom is beyond words. It’s music. It’s felt as a song in our hearts. Once out, it’s irrepressible. But it can only happen in civil society that allows for ideas to be cross pollinated, a society in which there is common respect for the rights of others to live and let live. Fake freedom is the “unfreedom” that comes from being sold a bill of goods that basically says: “You don’t need to worry about food, housing, etc., just sign your soul over to the authorities. They’ll tell you what you may say and may think.”

It’s easier to preserve and press on for freedom when you are emboldened by knowing who your friends are. The enemies of freedom know this. That’s why they employ political correctness as a silencing technique: to make it more difficult for us to get to know people or to reach out to them. It separates people from one another so that they can’t easily unite in freedom, but instead build walls that isolate them. This allows our relationships and knowledge to be suppressed and controlled. We should take note of the Estonian people’s response to this: to reach out anyway and share the song in our hearts.

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