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Thank you Janna, Thank you Rivka for Speaking out

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

My last post was about Janna Darnelle’s Public Discourse piece describing how her husband left her for a man and how a judge made sure the ex husband got primary custody of the children. The judge’s decision was indicative of a growing prejudice among sitting judges in favor of the LGBT agenda. But my main point was that the net effect of redefining marriage can be summed up in one word: separation. It absolutely requires that children be forcibly separated from at least one parent. It cannot be otherwise. In this case, that parent was the mother.

After Janna spoke out about her heartbreaking experience, she was attacked by trolls of the LGBT lobby. She used a pseudonym and she never identified her ex-husband by name. But her ex-husband made a point of exposing Janna on an LGBT blog so that their attack machine could harass Janna, call her an “unfit mother,” and contact her employer to accuse her of “anti-LGBT bigotry.”

And when Rivka Edelman came to Janna’s defense, she too was attacked by bloggers of the LGBT lobby. You can read Rivka’s Public Discourse piece here: “Ruthless Misogyny: Janna Darnelle’s Story and Extreme LGBT Activism.” Some excerpts here:

The publication of Janna Darnelle’s story led to a spate of blog posts full of vitriol, calling her “ a pitiful creature ,” accusing her of mental instability, and questioning her very existence.
With the help of her husband’s comments, Scott Rose set off to dig up and publicize as much personal information as possible about Darnelle, such as high school graduation and real estate records. Rose has harassed Darnelle with threatening messages. He has even contacted Darnelle’s employer . . .
In writing this piece, I know that I risk being labeled a bigot. Like Janna Darnelle, I will probably have to endure a whole host of misogynistic terms. I’ll be called crazy, unhinged, laughable, bitter, fat, old, and ugly. In other words, I am just a woman who dares to say rich privileged white men do not have the right to women’s bodies and body parts.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Rivka's prediction proved true.  We should all be grateful that she was willing to step up to the plate to call out the Stalinist LGBT tactics, knowing the risks. In the end, this should clarify for us that free speech is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition.  The breakdown of civil society is so thorough today that we have to expect to be attacked when standing up for the truth or for any friend who speaks the truth.  It can only get worse if we don't resist.  We have no choice but to fight on, reach out to others, and keep talking!

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