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Some Recommended Reading about the Bruce Jenner Hype

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Today I just want to offer some links for reading about the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner hype. I have not yet weighed in on this with a published article of my own, but I hope to soon.

So, the other day we had a much-ballyhooed Vanity Fair cover story in which the gold medal winner of the men’s decathlon in the 1976 Olympics “came out” as a woman. Whether or not Jenner looks convincing or glamourous on the cover is neither here nor there as far as the endgame of the Transgender Project is concerned. The endgame is to erase all sex distinctions in law. The Jenner publicity stunt is basically a tool to affect and direct public opinion as a means of moving forward on that goal. The agenda is far more expansive and invasive than normalizing the desire to “present” as male or female in public.

I commend to you the following articles, if you have not already read them. These four all appeared in the Federalist:

Bruce Jenner is Not Brave, by Nicole Russell

How the Hypersexual Trans Movement hurts Feminism, by Libby Evans and David Marcus

And Matt Walsh wrote an excellent article in which he calls the transgender movement what it is: basically, a war on reality. Read it here:

Many prefer just to turn their heads away from all of this, and I understand that. But it is crucial that we pay attention and weigh in – and push back – because it affects all of us: through the corruption of our language, through modification of our behavior, and through coercion and anti-speech laws.

We have already seen how the forces behind this movement have been conducting a war on language in which any “misgendering” of pronouns is considered an act of discrimination, or even hate. None of this bodes well for liberty in society. A good way to push back is to question the pronoun protocols and to resist them. Why resist? Because it’s not really about “gendering” the transgender person. It’s about de-sexing you, by default. It does this through the enforced language, which pulls you into accepting the fiction that everybody’s sex — including yours — does not exist in physical reality, but only in the mind.

I’d like to add, incidentally, that I don’t object in everyday life to calling someone by their preferred name, transgender or not. But there is a difference between that and being lured into a trap of language corruption through pronouns usage that basically redefines humanity for everyone. I hope to write about that soon. This corruption of language also has the effect of short-circuiting our ability to communicate freely with one another. It sows distrust and that is a force that aims to separate us all. As George Orwell noted, the corruption of language puts us at the mercy of tyrants.

In short, we really are dealing with a war on reality itself. Sadly, it’s a train wreck that’s been a long time coming.

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