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Potential book reviews; Singles Article in Federalist

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Okay, I’m scrambling again to keep up with this blog. When I travel, I generally get behind in stuff. But I do plan to do a couple of new things in the future. One is to keep a booklist. I’ll try to keep the “reviews” short. I recently read Sheila Jeffrey’s book Gender Hurts. It’s a fascinating radical feminist take on the whole gender identity thing. I find myself agreeing with a lot of it, but parting ways with her on certain predictable points. But there’s definitely a lot of overlap in terms of understanding where the whole gender thing is headed. More on that later. All of the books I’d like to introduce deal in some way or another with how we try to make sense of relationships and how we deal with the effects of social isolation.

I have another essay up on the Federalist (submitted quite a while back but just published the other day, so please excuse if it seems a bit stale) which was an extended response to Bella DePaulo’s criticism of my take on the whole idea of “Singles’ Rights.” I also published a somewhat lengthy blog post on that a couple of weeks ago. She believes in abolishing civil marriage because she says it discriminates against single people. I believe that abolishing marriage is tantamount to abolishing all hope for a civil society. And the effects of that would be disastrous for everybody. Once the state doesn’t have to recognize marriage, each and every citizen becomes isolated and atomized in the eyes of the state. Family autonomy and privacy dissolve in this scheme. This is not a good thing. You can read the article here: “Why Singles Rights and Same Sex Marriage Will Abolish All Marriage.” Oh, my goodness. I just now noticed that that article of mine has 593 comments. Yikes, that’s a lot! Well, I’ll deal with that later. I generally can’t get too caught up in conments — and as you can tell, I don’t use them on my own blog. But I will definitely have to scan those soon — there are so many — and maybe even write up a post about them. Usually when there’s that many, though, it means a few people are arguing back and forth amongst themselves. (Of course I do expect to take some hits.)

I’ll find another way to post more often. Some book review posts. More posts on the issue of social conformity and the effects of PC/propaganda. Loneliness and alienation is another important topic for these times. And whatever else comes my way. Thanks for reading!

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