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Our Gordian Knot, Part IV

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

In summary, the Gordian Knot of totalitarianism contains at least three essential ingredients: family breakdown, censorship, and ignorance.

Family breakdown leads to community breakdown, and that leads to a sense of alienation and dependency. That, in turn, results in the sort of unrest we’ve recently seen in places like Ferguson and Baltimore.

Censorship is inherent in political correctness, but it’s coming down the pike full force if Congress enacts the Orwellian-named “Equality Act.” The purpose of censorship of that sort is to inhibit communication among individuals and therefore obstruct autonomous personal relationships. It sows distrust and fear and helps build a surveillance state.

Ignorance is cultivated first through the erosion of family bonds and community bonds because this separation destabilizes a person’s sense of self and makes it difficult to connect the dots about reality in the world around us. It gets worse as the forces of this destabilization promote more ignorance by throwing knowledge of the historical record down the memory hole. At that stage of ignorance, fewer and fewer have a clue as to how propaganda works or how we are being manipulated.

At the end of the day, in such a regime only a small clique of rulers dictate who may say what to whom and who may relate to whom. As described in the panel illustrated at the FDR Memorial pictured here, these are folks who “seek to establish a system of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers.”

Unfortunately, that’s the goal of the agendas that are built into this Gordian Knot: control of all personal relationships. Those who are working to build this dystopia might call it a “new order.” They might call it a “transformation.” They can call it whatever they like. But it is definitely not new and definitely not an order. It’s just an ancient divide-and-conquer scheme based on the sin of human pride and power mongering. “Order” turns out to be something like the inner workings of a clock in which people are simply cogs in a machine and there is no way out.

t’s same old, same old. And history has shown that it never ends well. We can only slice through it from the bottom up. Through individuals who share their knowledge of the truth, speaking in trust and developing real friendship with others. This creates just the sort of ripple effect that family breakdown and censorship and ignorance are meant to prevent. It creates the ripple effect that can free us. Self-cocooning with like-minded folks is a trap. There is no media or pop culture or academia to help out with this. Those forces are currently all tied up in the Gordian Knot. It’s now an asymmetric war in which we must all invest in the ripple effect of one-on-one communication.

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