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On Sex Change Regret: Part II

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Consider the case of Matthew Attonley in the clip below. There was a lot of media hype in Britain about his “transition to female” but now he wants the National Health Service there to reverse it. You can also click here for a link to the story in a British paper

I don’t think “gender identity dysphoria” is being effectively treated at all. (Did I hear that right from this confused young man when he recalls how he felt the need to “get [his] boobs”?) No, surgery and hormones don’t “treat” this condition. The condition is being cultivated. The media and Hollywood are cultivating it and seem blithely unconcerned about any of the underlying psychological reasons for it. Individuals who are being hyped as examples — increasingly children — are being used as guinea pigs in a social experiment in which we are all, in fact, subjects.

Let’s think this through. Transgender law requires that we all accept the false premise that our sex was “assigned” to us at birth. Not identified, but “assigned.” In other words, your biological maleness or femaleness is not real. According to this scheme, your physical sex is simply in your head. When what’s in your head doesn’t “match” your genitalia, that’s called gender identity dysphoria. When it “matches,” well there’s a fairly new and highly weaponized word for that: “cisgender” which simply means you accept your body as is and don’t perseverate about your biological sex. In the trans scheme of things being “cisgender” means you are “privileged.” Hence, the laws about everybody’s sexual identity (through the catchphrase “assigned at birth”) must be changed for the sake of “equality.”

If this is written into law across the board — and it already has been in many states and municipalities — we will eventually have no choice but to discard our sex as a legal distinction of who we are. Each and every one of us. The implications are vast for legal recognition of motherhood, fatherhood, childhood, families, and, in fact, all human relationships.

The gender dysphoria craze illustrates the depths of dysfunction that our society has fallen into.

To begin with, it’s a grand fallacy to try to get the world to go along with an internal perception of who you think you are when that perception conflicts so directly with physical reality. But the main fault lies with a tiny elite who are intent on enforcing the notion that human biology is meaningless, and that sex differences ought to be erased. The snake oil of gender identity is the vehicle by which our biological differences are written out of law. In that way mothers and fathers are written out of law, as is the family. This does great violence to children.

And, in the meantime, it does great violence to those who bought the snake oil, used it, and then woke up to find themselves physically and psychologically mutilated. As did Alan Finch.

Alan Finch decided to transition from male to female during his 20’s, a resident of Australia. At 36, Finch told the Guardian newspaper in a 2004 interview:

“transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists . . . You fundamentally can’t change sex . . . the surgery doesn’t alter you genetically.  It’s genital mutilation.  My ‘vagina’ was just the bag of my scrotum.  It’s like a pouch, like a kangaroo.  What’s scary is you still feel like you have a penis when you’re sexually aroused.  It’s like phantom limb syndrome.  It’s all been a terrible misadventure.   I’ve never been a woman, just Alan . . . the analogy I use about giving surgery to someone desperate to change sex is it’s a bit like offering liposuction to an anorexic.”

Alan went on to sue the Australian gender identity clinic, at Melbourne’s Monash Medical Center, for misdiagnosis.  The reaction from the transgender community was fast and furious and abusive, particularly in the discussion forum. Next time, I'll provide a couple of links on what some physicians have to say.

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