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My Presentation on Political Correctness

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Below in SlideShare format, you’ll find the first section of a multimedia Power Point that I’ve presented in various forms to different groups of people. I’ve been trying to raise awareness about what exactly happens inside each of us when we succumb to political correctness. How are we manipulated? Why? By whom? And what can we do about it?

As you go through the slides, you won’t have my running commentary. But the basic idea is that political correctness is not just the hard sell of an agenda. It’s a deceptive and highly manipulative method of coercive persuasion. It forces compliance by exploiting the universal human fear of being cast out of society. But this compliance — usually through self-censorship — actually isolates us even more. It’s important for us to recognize that we only dig ourselves in deeper when we cave in to it, because we cut ourselves off from like-minded people and only build an illusion that we are all alone in our beliefs. That, of course, is the main purpose of political correctness: to get us to paint ourselves into a corner and isolate ourselves from others. So the big question is how best to speak out and reach out.

Also, here’s the Steve Martin clip from Slide 9 (which doesn’t seem to run in the slideshare):

We often hear the words “group think” and “peer pressure”tossed about. But it’s really important to go deeper into the meaning of those terms. We begin by taking a hard, clinical look at what exactly happens to us as human beings when we are subjected to this method of coercive persuasion. The term “emotional blackmail” sums it up well.

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