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Mulling over the Question: "Who is my Neighbor?"

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

In my latest Federalist article I reflect on how I watched a manhunt break out during a morning walk. It led me to consider things both practical and spiritual: “It was a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood — For a Manhunt

FYI, the clip above gives a bit of “ambiance,” though that segment was not filmed on my street. The action shifted all morning. But I didn’t even know they were entering houses until I found this clip! It’s interesting that this was put up by Russia Today news. (This makes me chuckle a little because it reminds me a bit about the way Soviets liked to do propaganda, and how they would have loved to zero in on something like this to show “very bad Amerika.”)

It was a wild morning for me. In the aftermath I considered two questions, one practical and one spiritual. The practical side had me thinking about personal security (as in firearms.) The spiritual side had me reflecting on the question put to Christ just before his parable of the Good Samaritan: “Who is my neighbor?” And how do people get to be the way they are?

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