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Food for Thought: Today's Two Political Camps are really just Pro-Thought or Anti-Thought

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Last month I wrote a Federalist piece in which I elaborate on a conclusion I reached some time ago. There are really only two political camps: Pro-Thought and Anti-Thought. Think about it. The tired old labels of Left and Right and Conservative and Liberal and so on don’t really mean anything. It’s time people learn — or re-learn — how to think clearly and for ourselves. And realize that our basic choices in self-identifying are either as a Free Thinker or a Thought Policer.

Here’s a novel idea: Let’s teach kids — and everyone else! — how to think independently of what the media and Hollywood and Academics on

their high horses tell us to think. (Those folks aren’t

really thinking on their own, anyway.) Let’s stop being slaves to propaganda.

You can read the article here: “Today’s Two Main Political Camps are Pro-Thought and Anti-Thought.” And here’s an excerpt:

"Let’s remember that all of the other First Amendment rights follow in logical order from the first:  freedom of religion/belief/conscience/thought. Freedom of speech is the right to  express  what you think and believe. Freedom of press means the right to  record  those expressed thoughts in writing or other media. In this vein, freedom of association would mean being able to  deliver  your ideas to anyone willing to listen. It means the right to peaceably assemble and have open conversation with other people."The heavy hand of the state has no right to cut off or interfere in our ability to spark thoughtful conversations. If the state violates our First Amendment rights, the First Amendment also gives us the right to petition as a means of fighting back against that abuse of power." And here's another:
"Once the Mass State starts manipulating language by legislating everyday expressions, such as forcing every citizen to adhere to unfamiliar pronoun protocols under the guise of anti-discrimination, it builds walls between people. That’s exactly what it’s designed to do."We’ve probably all observed how political correctness controls speech and thought by inducing self-censorship. How does this happen? Through manipulating the primal human terror of being socially isolated for non-compliance. People comply with political correctness in order to avoid that perceived isolation. Yet political correctness is designed to isolate us socially through our compliance with it! Heads, they win; tails, you lose."The only way to avoid that Catch-22 is to stand up to political correctness before its illusions root too deeply. The First Amendment is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. And it’s all or nothing."The only way the bubble of political correctness can pop is if all free thinkers are inclined to follow through with the First Amendment. Thinking will only remain free as long as we express our thoughts by speaking them, recording them, and cross-pollinating them through peaceful assembly. Nothing less can insure against the de-humanizing effects of thought policing."Let’s think about that. And talk about it constantly."
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