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Follow up about the Disruption of Speech at Catholic U

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I hope each and every one of you reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

This post is a follow up from my last post to let you know about my most recent Federalist article which I co-authored with Robert Oscar Lopez. You can read a full account of our experience by clicking here. (Just so you know: in case the photo and headline strike you as a tad radioactive, we did not pick them!) The Federalist piece goes into some detail about our speaking engagement at Catholic University being disrupted by protesters. You can see them chanting in the clip below, as the room cleared out:

Here’s a brief synopsis of what Bobby and I had discussed:

Bobby spoke about the new Children’s Rights Movement. It is building awareness of child trafficking, particularly through abuses by the growing industry of artificial reproductive technologies and exploitative and lucrative adoption industries. Unfortunately, those lobbies are increasingly selling services that result in and depend upon the deliberate separation of children from their biological parents. Social scientists have used various statistics to claim that it doesn’t matter for children if you separate them from their biological parents. But it does matter to children, and it matters deeply. We know from millennia of history and literature and experience that children suffer a primal wound from such separation, even when their caretakers provide good homes. They develop coping mechanisms, to be sure. But that doesn’t make it right.

So speaking up for the right of a child to know their origins is something those lobbies, as well as the LGBT lobby, wish to suppress. I followed Bobby’s talk with a presentation about how to speak out in a culture of fear. “Political Correctness” is a euphemism for the silencing tactics of power elites who are pushing power-consolidating agendas. It works by isolating and marginalizing anybody who might get in the way of those agendas, through smears and threats and psychological manipulation. I think it’s critical that each and every one of us build awareness of those tactics — as well as an understanding of our own human weaknesses — so that we can keep ourselves and our minds free. Free speech is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. If we don’t push back, we will lose it. The protesters will lose their freedom as well, though, sadly, they don’t realize that.

Two major ironies here. First, that Catholic University was under attack for being, well, Catholic. Second, the protesters gave a live demonstration of my presentation.

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