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Excuse me for speaking (Silly me, I thought I had a "right")

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Your right to think out loud is officially up for debate. Last night the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia held a “panel discussion” on the topic “The Future of Free Speech.” In it we were treated to the pros and cons of allowing human beings to speak their minds. That’s what we’ve come to, and it’s appalling.

What next? A panel discussion on the pros and cons of allowing human beings to breathe?

As with all such discussions, an elitist few take it upon themselves to tell the unwashed masses what they may and may not say — or by logical extension, what they may or may not think. These self-appointed arbiters of speech and thought are nothing more than a clique or a mob that’s set itself up to control others. It’s a power grab, and their thinly veiled guise is to claim to protect us all from “hate speech.” In other words, it’s a protection racket. There’s no way around this.

Everything about last night’s C-SPAN panel was disturbing: the arrogance of the plaintiffs, the willingness of the defendants to play nice and even seem jovial about negotiating the rights of everyone else, and the venue itself, the Constitution Center, which seemed happy to give tyranny a day in court. (No doubt there will be more to come.) If you care to check it out, here’s the link:

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