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Breaking the Mass Delusion Machine

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

At some point the social separation enforced by political correctness begins to feel a bit like solitary confinement when it comes to expressing our thoughts. That should give us a hint about why we are susceptible to mass delusion. We are social animals and feeling isolated from others has unhealthy effects on our minds. It causes dysfunction in how we relate to others. Separation demoralizes and harms individuals and communities alike. But when we feel happily connected, our morale is boosted.

Ten Key Ways to Break the Mass Delusion Machine” is the headline of my piece in The Federalist yesterday. It was a follow up to my lengthier article, “How to Escape the Age of Mass Delusion,” an essay that Rush Limbaugh discussed at length during his June 15 show. I hope you’ll take a look because it’s a sort of “how to” essay.

My article expands on these ten 10 key points to consider in how to break through that machine:

1.      Drop political correctness and propaganda compliance.
2.     Realize that personal relationships are the target of PC.
3.     Human Separation is the end result of PC.
4.     Fear fuels the PC machine.
5.     PC is oiled by mass ignorance.
6.     Coerced silence kills democracy.
7.     Resistance is the only antidote.
8.     A single person has immense power.
9.     “Suprising validators” are like superpowers in resistance.
10.   Let's get out and engage.

We’re living in an era of extreme social and political polarization.  People are more loath than ever to engage with others who might have opposing views.  People who hold views that are not politically correct are self-censoring in record numbers.  This means we are separated from one another as never before in terms of exchanging our sincere thoughts and opinions on how we see the world.  This is a really dysfunctional way for a society to operate. Political correctness fuels this separation by manipulating the primal human fear of being isolated and rejected from others.   Ironic, isn’t it?  We try to avoid isolation by silencing ourselves, which only causes us to paint ourselves further into a corner of solitary confinement.

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