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Admiring the Resistance of Radfems Against Transgender Cultists

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Last week in The Federalist I wrote at length about the conflict between radical feminists – or “radfems” — and transgender activists. I was especially pleased to see Catholic Culture author Phil Lawler take this up in his recent article “The Rising, Dangerous Influence of ‘Transgender’ Ideology.” I hope you’ll read both.

I think the dissension among leftist factions here is fascinating. The radical feminists are true purists in their beliefs, so much so that they are not at all willing to conform with the political correctness of the Transgender Project.

They stand firm even as so many in America – including the vast majority of their liberal feminist sisters – comply. And even though this puts radical feminists in the same camp as conservatives on that particular issue, they do not waver. They believe that the female experience cannot be impersonated or counterfeited by a male who decides to transition to female, and they are fearless in saying so. They cede no ground, So whether or not you agree with them on other issues, it’s gratifying to see such courage of conviction by a minority so shunned and smeared by erstwhile allies.

The trend to normalize transgenderism in our society has all the hallmarks of a cult. We’re beyond the phase of Hollywood and the media softening the ground for the transgender movement. We are now in the phase of enforced compliance, complete with smear tactics and social punishment – labels of “bigot” or “transphobia” — for those who dare to resist. Everyone is getting with the program: the medical community, schools, and even churches. It’s reached the point that children are being prepared – by their parents — to have sex reassignment surgery when they turn 18.

So I’m encouraged by radical feminists who resist all of this. And not simply because they take a stand on transgenderism that I happen to agree with. It’s far, far more than that. The radfems’ display exceptional resistance the pressures of the cult mindset, impressive to behold. And they are front lines in this war right now. If the trans activists succeed in shutting them down, everyone else is next. More power to the radfems in their resistance.

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