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A Conversation with Robert Oscar Lopez on Campus Insanity

Updated: Jan 12

Professor Lopez and I discussed the current unrest on college campuses. Why do so many students today seem unable or unwilling to engage other points of view? Why do so many feel the need to retreat to “safe spaces” whenever they encounter a word or thought that “triggers” negative emotions? Why are they so incoherent? So hostile? So blindly obedient to leftist agendas? So divorced from reality? To explore these questions, listen in!

Professor Lopez, author of Jephthah’s Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Marriage ‘Equality’ has been targeted and harassed for the past several years by the LGBT lobby. This is not only because of Lopez’s stance against same-sex marriage, but because he has a compelling story of his own: He was raised by lesbians and identifies as bisexual. (He may also be the object of their scorn because he has been faithfully married to the mother of his children for 15 years.) The “diversity” bureaucrats at Cal State Northridge have worked tirelessly to concoct a case against Professor Lopez. The video clip below will give you a brief summary of Professor Lopez’s insights:

You can also explore some of the related links on my site. Here’s a post on the program “Bonds that Matter” that Professor Lopez hosted at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library last year. And here’s a previous podcast with Prof Lopez and me on the parallels between the LGBT lobby’s tactics and Bolshevism. Also, here’s a brief review of mine of Jephthah’s Daughter’s. Please order your copy from Amazon today!

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