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Bait and Switch: How Same Sex Marriage Ends Family Autonomy

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

“Relationships, Power, and Freedom” is the central theme of this blog. I really hope you’ll read my article published today in The Federalist because in it I attempt to get right into the intersection of each of these three qualities in our lives. Click here for the link to my article, “Bait and Switch: How Same Sex Marriage Ends Family Autonomy.”

Preserving civil marriage is key, because without it the family can no longer exist autonomously and serve as a wall of separation between the individual and the state. Abolishing it would have huge implications for the survival of freedom of association and all of our personal relationships.

Consider that a child who becomes self aware asks: “Where did I come from?” It’s an existential question at its very core. And the most meaningful answer is that the child physically came from a relationship between his mother and his father, both of whom the child knows in a relationship of his or her own. This answer — the relationship — empowers all of us with the security and stability to go out into the world and create all manner of healthy friendships and relationships with others.

The push for genderless marriage completely undermines the power of personal relationships by undermining the template for them, which is organic marriage: between one man and one woman. In fact, all of the trend lines reveal that the ultimate destination of “marriage equality” is really the abolition of all civil marriage. If it were abolished, family autonomy and privacy would have to be abolished with it. In the end, we’d all become atomized individuals in the eyes of the state. Powerless, unfree, officially strangers to one another.

This excerpt from the Federalist article lists the six indicators that we are headed for the abolition of marriage:

We can sort out six developments that indicate we’re on the fast track to abolishing civil marriage. They include: 1) The blueprint for abolishing family, developed by the founder of feminist legal theory, Martha Fineman; 2) support and advocacy of Fineman’s model by facilitators and regulators in the Obama Administration; 3) the statements of prominent LGBT activists themselves, including their 2006 manifesto which in effect established the abolition of marriage as the goal of the same sex marriage movement; 4) the demographic shift to single rather than married households; 5) the growing shift in social climate from marriage equality to marriage hostility; and 6) the recent push to export the LGBT agenda globally, particularly targeting poor and developing nations of Africa. Please read the whole article to get a better picture of how the marriage issue affects our relationships, our power, and our freedom.

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